One of our favorite Italian restaurants in San Antonio is Albi’s Vite. Not only is the quality of every dish up to the level you’d expect, but their menu covers everything a family could possibly want. With creamy pasta dishes, hearty tomato-based sauces, steaks, fish dishes, pizzas, and more, it can be difficult to decide on a wine to pair with your meal.Albi’s Vite has a large wine collection for both the casual enthusiast and the sommelier-in-a-past-life. We are going to break down wines to order depending on your dinner.


For cream-based sauces, the richness and heaviness of the sauce can be balanced out with a lighter or sweeter white. For example, with a Chicken Alfredo or Chicken Florentine, you could go with a Reisling or a Pinot Grigio.


For tomato-based sauces, the general rule is match the color wine to the color of the sauce. The heartier tomato sauce dishes need a bold red, like a Zinfandel, a Merlot, or a Cab.


For one of Albi’s Vite’s perfectly-cooked steaks, stick to a red to complement the hearty beef flavor. A cab or a merlot is perfect here.


For one of Albi’s seafood plates, like the Frutti de Mare or the Salmon and Shrimp Picatta, you have a bit more of a choice. You can go witha bottle of Pinot Noir as a great pick, but it wouldn’t be out of bounds to make a play on a nice Chardonnay as well.


If you came in with a craving for pizza but still want to have a glass of wine, it’s going to depend on the type of pie you ordered. Fora white pizza, a Pinot Noir would be a great choice. For something a bit heartier like a Margherita, the Lambrusco would be a safe pick.