A great Italian dinner has multiple courses, and some would argue that the most important is the dessert. After all, it is the final flavor in your mouth. A great Italian restaurant has to have great dessert for everyone. Albi’s Vite in San Antonio has several different types of cheesecakes, a famous tiramisu, and a handmade cannoli with fresh cream.


Cheesecake is one of the most famous desserts in the world and it’s not hard to see why. Rich cheese gets sweetened with sugar and lays atop cookie crust. It can be topped with fruit or the cheese can be imparted with other flavors. Albi’s Vite has a classic New York cheesecake for the purists among us, but also has a Limoncello (a tart lemon-flavored cheesecake)and a Nutella cheesecake (chocolate-hazelnut flavor is mixed in with the cheese).


Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored layer cake that was created in Veneto, Italy. Mascarpone and egg yolks are flavored with chocolate and coffee and layered between Italian sponge cake. The famous cake is Italian for “pick me up” and whether it’s the coffee flavoring that reminds you of your morning caffeine or the sweetness in each bite, it’ll do just that. Albi’s Vite tiramisu is a touch creamier than others, but that distinct sweet coffee flavor is bold. It claims to be the best in the city and there’s no reason to believe otherwise.


Cannoli are pastries made with fried dough. The hard outer shell is filled with sweet cream made from ricotta when it’s ordered, giving you a crunch. At Albi’s Vite, the cannoli comes lightly-drizzled with chocolate sauce and some berries for an elegant presentation. The cream at Albi’s Vite is also made from fresh ricotta every day.