San Antonio may not be New York City or New Haven, Connecticut, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good pie here. Some of our favorite pizzas in San Antonio come from dedicated pizzerias claiming to make aNew York-style pie, but our absolute favorite comes from an Italian restaurant with just a few pizzas on the menu: Albi’s Vite.


For a classic New York-style pie in an unassuming fast-casual atmosphere, the Yaghi’s pizzeria chain is a must-try. The crust isn’t always perfect, but when they get it right, it’s really close to a good NewYork slice. Yaghi’s offers all the classic toppings like pepperoni, meatballs, and ricotta, and even has a “Lasagna pizza” with meatballs and ricotta cheese.It’s a heavy slice but worth the calories.


Another great New York-style pizza in south Texas is 46thSt New York Style Pizzeria. There are a few locations in and around San Antonio and 46th St could fool you into thinking you’ll walk out the door when you’re done and see the Bronx. A fresh pie from 46th St comes out hot enough to burn your mouth but you won’t want to wait for it to cool down to eat.


Finally, the best pizza in San Antonio is not from a pizzeria at all; it’s from Albi’s Vite, While the rest of your crew can get great baked pastas or steak and seafood specials, if you’ve got a craving for pizza, Albi’s has you covered. A perfect buttery crust that’s always fresh-baked makes for a great pie, and it comes out on a classic metal baking plate ready for you to share a slice. The Don’s comes with prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms, or try a classic Margherita with fresh mozzarella and basil.